Top 10 Comic Artists

Here are my favourite comic artists at the moment. In no particular order:

– Hyung Tae Kim

Hyung is an amazing Korean artist. I think his work is not only some of the best comic book art but also the finest artwork full stop. I’ve always liked the anime style of artwork but his takes it to another level with fantastic shading and amazing detail in his work.


– Range Murata

Range Murata is a fantastic Japanese artist who does some brilliantly detailed anime artwork. He has published more than a dozen books of his work, the Robot series I happen to own and they are a different level of comic book.


– Jack Lawrence

Jack is a British comic book artist who has produced his own comics from scratch. I love the clean lines of his artwork and the development of his characters.


– Joshua Middleton

Joshua is a brilliant comic book artist who is currently signed to DC Comics. He is one of the few artists in American mainstream comics who does everything from pencils to coloring by himself, instead of splitting the work between multiple people. I love his work and have been a fan for a while.


-Frank Miller

Frank miller has become famous in recent years from his films 300 and Sin City but it was the comic versions of these and The Dark Knight Returns that most stood out in his career for me. The tone of these comics was definitely something new. They had a much more adult theme than was the norm at the time.


-Dan Boultwood

Dan Boultwood is a rising star, British comic book artist and illustrator. His work has a classic style to it and the images he produces are are fantastic.


– Niko Henrichon

Niko Henrichon is a Canadian comic book artist. I only found out about his work recently but I have become a big fan.


– Jo Chen

Jo is a fantastic illustrator and comic book artist from Taiwan. She is currently living and working in America and I urge you to check out her artwork. I found out about her work from some of the cover designs she has created.


– Sean Kelly

This is an Australian illustrator from Melbourne. He is better known by his trading name – Bucket ‘O’ Thought under which he creates a fantastic collection of bunnies. He has also produced several comics


– Stanley Lau

Stanley Lau is a fantastic artist from Singapore. The sci-fi art he produces is amazing and you should definitely check out his website.



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One Response to “Top 10 Comic Artists”

  1. this is not the best, ill take frazetta any day over these guys, no offense

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