Top 10 Illustrators

In no particular order, these are my current favourite illustrators.

– Jamie Hewlett

Jamie Hewlett is an English comic book artist and designer. He is best known for being the co-creator of the comic strip Tank Girl and co-creator of the band Gorillaz. He has a very distinctive comic book style that takes a lot of its influence from the world of graffiti.


– Glenn Jones

This is an illustrator based in Auckland New Zealand. He is best known for his fantastically imaginitive t-shirt designs. I already own one of these t-shirts and I find that he has the most lateral way of looking at things.


– Nik Ainley

This guy is an illustrator and graphic designer based in England. You have probably seen some of his work on the internet under his online name of Shinybinary. He says he is self taught and if this is true he is one hell of a teacher! I have used several of his images as wallpapers on my computer in the past and i would one day love to have a portfolio half as good as his.


– Guy McKinley

I found out about this artist from the Street Sketchbook. He is one of my favourite illustrators and I absolutely love the style of his work. He is a freelance illustrator from Manchester and his graffiti style is some of the best i’ve seen.


– David Mascha

This is a graphic designer/grafitti artist currently working in Vienna, Austria. He has a lovely, clear style that stems from grafitti art but has been developed into a fantastic organic look.


– Mike Campau

This is an American graphic designer I found out about whilst looking on the Behance Network. He is based in Michigan and is creative director of a design and digital imaging studio. I like the style he uses and the advanced Photoshop skills he has.


– Edmund McMillen

I stumbled upon this illustrators work by accident a couple of months ago. His character design really appeals to me. He is also a well known animator and game designer.


– Pokedstudio

This is design firm based in South Wales. They specialise in illustration, graphic design and multimedia design and have a great style. Their character design especially impresses me and they seem to have a very extensve portfolio.


– Kaloian Toshev

This is a Bulgarian graphic designer with a very impressive portfolio. I must say, the work I have seen of his, is very well polished and very inspiring. He is still very young and I think he will have a very exciting career ahead of him.


– Evgeny Kiselev

This is a Russian illustrator who is based in St. Petersburg. Much of his work is quite fractal in nature and also has very vivid colours. I don’t know much more about him so I will let his work tell the story.



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